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Fínnachta, son of Ollom Fotla, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland in succession to his father. His given name was Elim.[1] There is said to have been snow of wine (Old Irish fín, "wine", snechta, "snow")[2] in his reign, from which he gained his better-known name. He ruled for twenty years before dying of plague at Mag Inis in Ulster, and was succeeded by his brother Slánoll.[3] The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to 913–895 BC,[4] that of the Annals of the Four Masters to 1278–1258 BC.

Preceded by High King of Ireland
AFM 1278–1258 BC
FFE 913–895 BC
Succeeded by


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