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Running target shooting

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The American shooter Walter Winans during a 100 meter running deer competition in Wimbledon Common, London (painting by Thomas Blinks, 1888).

Running target shooting refers to a number of target shooting sports and events involving a shooting target—sometimes called a boar, moose, or deer—that is made to move as if it is a running animal. Competitions are shot at known target distances, and with known target velocity and for how long the target is visible. The target starts every other time from left or right.



In running deer the target is visible for 4.3 seconds, while in running moose it is visible for 4 to 5 seconds. 10 and 50 m running target competitions feature two different times of visibility, with slow at 5 seconds and fast at 2.5 seconds.

World championships


The 1969 World Running Target Championships were separate ISSF World Shooting Championships for the 100 metre running deer event held in Sandviken, Sweden.[1] The competition was also valid as a 1969 European Running Target Championships, in which the rankings of the races played with all world athletes were drawn up taking into account only European athletes. [2]

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