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Fujiwara (Japanese pronunciation: [ɸɯʑiwaɾa], written: 藤原 lit. "Wisteria field"[1]) is a Japanese surname. (In English conversation it is likely to be rendered as /fˈwɑːrə/.) Notable people with the surname include:

Art and entertainment
  • Fujiwara (owarai), Japanese comedy duo (kombi) consisting of Toshifumi Fujimoto (藤本 敏史) and Takayuki Haranishi (原西 孝幸)
  • Atsushi Fujiwara (藤原 敦, born 1963), Japanese photographer
  • Harry Fujiwara (Mr. Fuji) (1934 - 2016), Japanese-American wrestler
  • Hiroshi Fujiwara (藤原 ヒロシ, born 1964), Japanese musician, trendsetter, producer, and designer
  • Kamatari Fujiwara (藤原 釜足, 1905–1985), Japanese actor
  • Kei Fujiwara (不二稿 京, born 1957), Japanese actress and film director
  • Keiji Fujiwara (藤原 啓治, 1964–2020), Japanese voice actor
  • Motoo Fujiwara (藤原 基央, born 1979), lead singer and composer for the Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken
  • Norika Fujiwara (藤原 紀香, born 1971), Japanese beauty queen, model and actress
  • Tatsuya Fujiwara (藤原 竜也, born 1982), Japanese actor
  • Tokuro Fujiwara (藤原 得郎, born 1961), Japanese video game designer
  • Yoshiaki Fujiwara (藤原 喜明, born 1949), Japanese actor and professional wrestler
  • Yoshie Fujiwara (藤原 義江, 1898–1976), Japanese tenor singer

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