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Trindade (São Tomé and Príncipe)

Coordinates: 0°18′N 6°41′E / 0.300°N 6.683°E / 0.300; 6.683
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Trindade is located in São Tomé
Location on São Tomé Island
Coordinates: 0°18′N 6°41′E / 0.300°N 6.683°E / 0.300; 6.683
CountrySão Tomé and Príncipe
IslandSão Tomé
DistrictMé-Zóchi District
254 m (833 ft)
 • Total16,140
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Trindade (Portuguese for the Trinity) is a town located on São Tomé Island, which is part of the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. Its population is 16,140 (2012 census).[1] It is the seat of Mé-Zóchi District. It lies 7 km southwest of the capital São Tomé. Nearby places include Diogo Simão to the northeast, Lemos to the east, Cruzeiro to the south and Piedade to the west. There is a secondary school in Trindade, opened in 2011, with a capacity of 720 students.[2]

During the Batepá massacre, a brutally crushed rebellion in February 1953, hundreds of inhabitants of Trindade and nearby Batepá were killed.[3][4]

Population history[edit]

Historical population
2001 6,049—    
2012 16,140+166.8%


Notable people[edit]


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