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Wikipedia:Requests for review of admin actions

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Administrative actions are reviewed in multiple places, depending on the type of action and reason for the review. These include:

Talk pages
In almost all cases the first place an administrative action should be discussed is on the talk page of the administrator who performed the action or the talk page of the article or other page concerned.
Administrative action review (WP:AARV)
Community review of individual actions (or set of related actions) involving a tool not available to all confirmed editors—except those covered by another, more specific review process. Not for an administrator's general conduct or for removal of advanced permissions.
Administrators' noticeboard (WP:AN)
For posting information and issues of interest to administrators, including general conduct of an administrator. Generally not for individual actions or urgent matters.
Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents (WP:AN/I)
For urgent incidents and chronic, intractable behavioural problems.
Arbitration/Requests/Case (WP:ARC)
The venue of last resort for problems that other venues have failed to resolve.
Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement (WP:AE)
request administrative action against editors (including administrators) violating a remedy or an injunction in an Arbitration Committee decision, or a discretionary sanction imposed by an administrator and appeals of arbitration enforcement actions.
Deletion review (WP:DRV)
For reviewing speedy deletions and outcomes of deletion discussions. This includes appeals to delete pages kept after a prior discussion.

For more detail see the individual pages and Wikipedia:Dispute resolution.