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  • clarify whether Strathfield is a municipality, a suburb or both. (it's both).
  • no idea what else to add here - some assistance please!


  • further research on history of Strathfield (note there is a lot of information and I suspect this may need to go into it's own article)
  • gather more sources of information
  • see if the Strathfield historical society would be interested in helping us with this article
  • gather pictures, especially one of the plaque in Strathfield Ave!
  • add history of government
  • find more recent history:
    • amalgamations and politics
    • Wade Frankum at Strathfield Plaza (Strathfield Massacre)


  • add information about local government structure


  • add information about local schools and organisations into the article. The plus side of this is that local schools get a mention yet do not get moved into their own articles and promptly get listed on VfD for being "non-notable".